Awesome Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Venue!

Awesome Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Venue!

Indian weddings are all about pomp and show! Receptions especially tend to be grand gala affairs that allow the guests to relax and mingle after the more solemn and auspicious proceedings of the wedding ceremony itself are done. Nothing adds to the character and extravagance of the occasion than the decor used at the reception venue.

It has become increasingly popular to add a bit of quirk and the off-beat to the decor at wedding receptions. Be it one of those exotic beach wedding venues in Chennai or a grand marriage hall at one of the city’s premier wedding venues; you can liven up the reception proceedings with just a dash of colour and some creative props.

Creative Wedding Decoration Tips For Wedding Venues, Chennai!


The background is the probably the most important aspect of the reception decor. Considering it is going to be a part of most of the reception photos, it makes a lot of sense to put a lot of thought into its design. Fresh flowers remain the most popular option to create the backdrop. But you can choose to stray from the beaten path and make creative use of papercraft instead. You may even add chandeliers, dream catchers and wind chimes to add a bit of magic to the occasion.


Photo Booths are becoming a regular feature at wedding receptions in recent times. You can play around with the decor on this one to create a fun, whimsical prop that your guests are going to love! Bicycles decorated with marigold, brightly painted bullock carts, or brilliantly graffitied auto rickshaws – you can take your pick from these and a million other fun photo booth ideas for your wedding!

Fantastic Prop Ideas From One Of The Best Wedding Planners In Chennai!


You can use anything and everything to create interesting ceiling hangings that can bring in plenty of elegance and drama alike, based on your preference. Umbrellas, raining roses, terrariums, Gota flowers adorned with beads and mirrors, or just flower strings – there is no limit to the imagination!

Drapes and Curtains

Sheer fabrics draped just so can add a touch of elegance of any setting. They are so versatile that you can add them to the mandap decoration, the backdrop, the food tent or even the ceiling to create a dreamy atmosphere to the proceedings. Curtains are a great way to add splashes of colour to an otherwise understated decor in muted tones.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Lights While Decorating Wedding Venues, Chennai!

Lights and Lanterns

Lighting plays a substantial role in setting the mood and the ambiance for any event. A wedding reception is no exception! Twinkling fairy lights can quickly transform the venue into a magic wonderland. Lanterns of any form add character. Vintage hanging lamps, mason jars, Chinese paper lanterns, or glass bulbs – you name it! Add them to the ceiling, to trees, at different heights or any other way that catches your fancy!

Table Centrepieces

Table decor is serious business at sit down dinners. Not just coordination of plates, napkins, and silverware, you should look into table centrepiece ideas as well. Lanterns and lights work great, so do bowls of flowers. Among the more outlier elements, you can add terrariums or out-of-the-way objects such as umbrellas or stone piles to create exciting table decor.

Consult with your wedding planners and decorators today and pick out the best decor ideas for your dream wedding reception!

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