Corporate Planners List Ways To Make An Impressive Event

Decades ago, corporate event management companies were unheard of. They merely existed and today, it has turned to become a giant industry with an astounding annual turnover. It is no surprise why a corporate event organiser is the most sought-after these days. Today, employees lead busy lives and somewhere between juggling personal and professional life, you get stuck in a rut.

At times, a corporate event or a get-together is met with a lukewarm response and poor attendance. What are the different types of corporate events that will make employees look forward to them? Here are few creative ways how you can have an event work for the company goals rather than against it.

Top Ideas By Corporate Event Organiser

To turn your company’s next event into the most talked-about topic in the city, corporate party planners offer some rather genuine and creative themes.

Plan a trip– A corporate event is a great occasion to meet your co-workers and their families. Plan a group trip to a location or you can take them to a historic site in your premises and talk to them about the birth of the company. Narrate to them the grand triumphs that saw the company in limelight. Include a fun game at the end, and talk to your employees about their importance and their critical role they play in the firm.

Treasure hunt-If you thought a treasure hunt was meant for the kids, you are wrong.
Once you finish taking your employees for a tour around the premises, you can arrange a treasure hunt. Come up with clues that relate to the history or the origin of the company. For instance, you can ask them about the recent M&A. The right answer will lead them to the next clue and so on.

This way, your team will develop a sense of pride as they recall the milestones of their place of work. The winning team is entitled to receive a gift- a lapel pin with the company logo will instil a feeling of recognition in them.

Plan a theme– If you love experimenting with ideas, you can plan a casino night for your employees. Other themes include Bollywood Night, Carnivals, Harry Potter, Back to 90s look, Game of Throne and many more. If you are hosting families, plan a separate section for the kids, while games and food will keep them entertained. Extend your theme to Halloween night and watch the team show up in scary costumes

Host a hackathon – These challenging puzzles require the participant to come up with new and unique software that can be used to solve the problem. A hackathon spans for 24 to 48 hours depending on the complexity of the problem. If the company focuses lesson technology, there can be an innovate-thon to develop the skills of the employees.

Hosting a hackathon in a company is an interesting way to boost employee-led innovation and hone their skills. It helps build team spirit and boosts the confidence level of the workers.

Tips From Corporate Party Organisers

In addition to these creative ideas, corporate event management services have other quirky ideas for you:

  • Building things
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Magic show
  • Cultural program
  • Laser show
  • Water Park
  • Food-eating competition
  • Chocolate making
  • Cookery competition and Mad Hatter’s tea party.

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