Find The Right Balance Between Organising A Conference And Welcoming Your Guests

Hosting a conference can be a tedious affair if you are doing it for the first time. There are plenty of different conferences that are held throughout the year at different venues all over the country, with guests from all over the world. Making sure that you treat your guests right is a vital part of any conference to ensure that go away with pleasant memories and are looking forward to the next one hosted by you or your family. Each invitee at the conference needs to feel tended to from the moment they walk till they say sayonara! Any corporate conference management team worth their salt will tell you that everything lies in the details. Here are a few ways of making your invitees feel welcomed and enjoy their visit to the conference:

Provide A Warm Welcome

As soon as the delegates start walking, make sure that there is someone to greet them and welcome them to the venue. A smile goes a long way in establishing a good relationship with the guests. Most event organisers have volunteers or paid staff positioned at different corners of the venue to help the guests find their way around.

Provide A Detailed Programme

Delegates like to have all the information about the conference so that can choose where to go, especially in cases where you have simultaneous workshops or seminars running parallel to each other. A checklist for conference organisers helps ensure that all the right boxes are ticked while welcoming guests to the conference venue.

Food And Refreshments

If you are planning on providing your delegates with a breakfast buffet or an evening dinner, be sure to mention it in the programme, so that they come prepared to enjoy the food and network with their peers at the conference. Setting out a table of snacks and bottled water is seen as a nice gesture on your part.

Be Prepared For Special Requests

Since the delegates may include people with disabilities or dietary restrictions, make sure that the staff is prepared to handle these requests. Trying to get a vegan sandwich in the middle of a conference might turn into a horrid affair if you are not prepared in advance!

An event planning software can help you plan out the events of the conference to ensure that everything runs on schedule without hitting a snag. Event organisers usually use evaluation forms at the end of the conference to get feedback on the event they helped host. Analysing these forms can give a better idea as to which area needs more work and how you can improve in the future.

Another important tip from experienced event managers is making sure that the venue you pick is easily accessible from different corners of the city. If you are having delegates coming in from different parts of the country, makes sure you have hotel reservations set up beforehand to avoid running around at the last minute to accommodate an important guest. Most venues also provide additional support so that your event runs smoothly which can be a huge help during the conference.

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