Getting The Stress, Anxiety & Headache Out Of Planning!

Getting The Stress, Anxiety & Headache Out Of Planning!

Planning For Event? Here’s How To Say Adios To Stress

A survey conducted a few years back listed event planning as one of the most stressful jobs on earth. It ranked somewhere between a police officer and Military General. So, it is safe to say that organising a function comes with its share of headache, anxiety and stress. No matter how much you plan or how much time you have on hand, something will either go wrong or time will fall short.

To give you an added advantage and help you relive the stress, we spoke to the best event planners in Chennai. They gave us inside tips on how to organised an event without getting a headache and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks!

Make Technology Only A Practical Part Of Wedding And Event Planning

There is no denying that technology has made things a lot easier in many areas of life. But when it comes to organizing a wedding or ceremony, it should only be utilized on needs-basis. Follow this rule of thumb: if technology resolves a significant problem, apply it only then.

For instance, instead of using the old method of registering for an exhibition, a simple technique is the internet. The conventional way of collecting a bank draft from each attendee took time, added effort to your workload and caused stress. By accepting payment and registration online, the time is reduced, there is no effort and stress lessens.

Another example where technology doesn’t work to an event planner’s advantage is a reunion of people above 60. Setting up a twitter account for the gathering is of no use because the audience either doesn’t know what it is or doesn’t want to use it. Setting up a twitter handle will only add to your workload and show no benefit of it.

In the end, embrace only that technology that aids in planning the event and not wastes your energy needlessly.

Event Management Companies In Chennai Advertise Breaks!

Wedding and event planning takes a lot of blood and sweat. It takes juggling million little things to organise a smooth event which means your workspace is going to have mountains of paperwork. The premier event organizers in the heart of bustling metropolis that is Chennai say that one must follow three rules:

  • Declutter your workspace and keep every bit of paper organised
  • Structure the workflow not just week-wise but day wise too.
  • Take breaks even if it is for 15 seconds.

The last one is emphasized on especially because even a short break can away from the gadget screen can reduce fatigue by half. Another break that should be pencilled in the book is at the end of the day. Planners advice keeping part of the day free because of two elements. One it gives you time to take care of yourself and two because there will always be last-minute requests.

To sum up, use technology wisely and add short breaks to keep the stress of planning from getting too much.

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