How To Light Up Your Wedding Venue

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects that need to be looked at when planning a wedding. But most of the times it is not given its due importance due to lack of budget. Wedding planning services understand the need for great lighting to ensure the venue looks spectacular. The tables, centrepieces, dance floor the dining hall all look amazing when right lighting is in place. If the wedding venue is outdoors, then it is critical to have a unique light to make the wedding venue look great.

Wedding event planning by choosing your glow:

The lighting you choose must match your budget and also your venue, opines wedding planners in Chennai. Based on the wedding venue you have chosen, you should look for a specific style of illumination. You should always take a specialist who knows about lighting to the site so that they can recommend the options and also give suggestions on light arrangements.

Find a specialist: There are a few ways to find a lighting specialist, you can find out from your wedding event management in Chennai if it is part of the service most of them will have one. If you are not using a wedding event planning service, then you should ask your florist or the coordinator at the reception venue if they recommend someone.

Decide based on indoor or outdoors: The venue you have decided will significantly impact your lighting, a site visit will enable you to get a better idea of what light you will want for the wedding day. If you are hosting indoors, you should look for built-in lighting and also have a vision of what you want, take help of the specialist. You may wish to have additional lighting like the hanging chandeliers to bring that vibe you want.
Hosting outdoors, you should visit after dark to find out what needs to be lighted to keep the area safe from tripping in the dark. If you are hosting it at home, then check if there is a need for a generator so that there is enough power in case the electricity fails.

Top lighting options chosen by Wedding planning services

Floating candles or Diyas: If the wedding venue has a fountain or any other waterbody then floating candles and Diyas look good and also lighten up the place. You can also create unique rangoli of lights using oil or battery operated Diyas.
Moving lights: LED lights of various colours add more colour to the venue, These lights can be multi-coloured or have a single tone, you can also add moving lights to give a ballroom effect to the site.
Fireworks: The latest trend in Indian wedding these days as per wedding planners in Chennai is to use fireworks when the bride and groom enter the pandal. Sparklers are used during wedding photographs and also during sangeet ceremony.

Lighting Lingo used during wedding event planning
Colour-wash: A blanket of light which covers the entire venue to give a decor.
Pin spot: A beam of light that focuses on a centrepiece to give a better effect.
Gobos: Stencils over a light to give a pattern on the floor, ceiling or wall.

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