Ideas To Master The Art Of Successful Event Planning

Event management is not as easy as you think it is. Behind every successful program, there is a great team who puts forward their hardwork and sincere efforts to organize the event. Planning events is a stressful process which has to be handled with great attention. It would be better if you hire  expert wedding organisers in Chennai to help you with this.Let’s consider a few points which can make things easier for you while  planning for wedding or conducting an event successfully.Initially you need a strong team who will be the backbone of this project.

Start planning early

It’s always helpful to work out a plan well in advance. If you are planning to conduct a large event, you surely need to start the plans and discussions around 4- 6 months before.  For smaller events you can start 1-2 months in advance. Always make sure that any works delegated to third party contractors are settled a few weeks before the final event. This will save you a great headache during the final stages of preparation.If you need to do the wedding planning on a budget,make sure you check with the clients on what they need and what can be avoided.

Be Flexible to meet emergency situations

There will be instances during the whole preparation and planning period where you will have to bring in sudden changes. Things, circumstances and situations can always change at any time. So be flexible enough and resourceful enough to think of alternatives and change plans within short periods.

Develop Negotiation skills

In business, there is no fixed price for anything. The better you are at negotiating, the more you can save on unforeseen costs. A program budget is most likely to get exceeded by the final stages. So start early and negotiate on every little aspect in order to keep the expenses as per the budget you planned.

Assign and delegate Responsibilities

No one is born superman. You need to utilize each and every member of your team. Break up the entire event into sections- reception, registration,transportation,food, accommodation, backstage back up etc. The planning for wedding arrangements is going to be  lengthy and complicated if you take it up all alone. So delegate and divide among the team.

Split the team into smaller teams and assign each task to the smaller teams. Make sure they report on the progress and give you follow up on the details.

Begin a Shared Document

It is easier to collaborate with your team with the help of a shared document. You need to keep all your team members on the same page. For this create a main manual with all the details and documentation required. All contact numbers of various vendors, team members, performing artists etc need to be updated here.

With the help of a shared document, all the involved people can refer back to it if not clear or unsure. It is easier to spot out details if something goes amiss.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Back up is an important aspect in any event .There may not have been even a single event where something goes wrong, most probably at the last minute. Think of all possible things that can go wrong and create a back up for everything. Make an assessment on every important aspect and prepare well in advance.

Thorough rehearsal

Conduct a run through of the entire event at least two weeks earlier. Even if all the preparations have not been completed, you need to do this to check if everything is in place. Organize the meeting with all team members so that you can make sure everything is going as per planned. If someone is facing a problem or issue, you can correct it early enough.

Capture everything in pictures

You need to capture all the wonderful moments of the event. This is necessary for your future success as well. Posting excellent photos online and sharing them in social media is the best way to demonstrate and advertise the success of your program.

Follow-up on the event

Be proactive and follow up on the event. Collect contacts of all the important guests and make sure to keep in touch with them. Be active in the social media and keep updated on the latest developments in event management.

Event management is one profession in which risks are involved in each and every stage. Loopholes should be discovered at an early stage and proper actions should be taken to avoid embarrassing situations.  As in every other profession, the saying practice makes perfect proves true here also!

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