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The wedding scene is experiencing a transformation with new trends making its way into the industry. The cuisine, decors, attire, entertainment are all changing with time and so does the wedding destinations. The internet revolution has contributed to newer wedding destination choices for the couple. Indian weddings are embracing this new trend with the couples’ family and friends gathering for celebrating the union of the two souls. Wedding planning is burgeoning with prospective young couple looking for more intimate weddings. India is no less when it comes to wedding destinations, from the sandy beaches of Goa to cool western and eastern Ghats with some mesmerizing hill stations. Break away from the traditional grind and leave your guests awestruck with world class wedding destinations.

Personalization Key To Destination Event and Wedding planning

Best wedding planners in India play a pivotal role in identifying the right wedding venues to suit your custom, culture and budget. The travel and the wedding industry have joined hands to compile some unique locations for destination weddings.The rise of personalization has given rise to destination weddings where the couples have more focus on their loved ones and share with them special moments of happiness. The couples are putting together exquisite excursion locations and provide luxury accommodation to their guests to leave an impeccable mark in their memory. The intimate event gives the couple an opportunity to treat their guest like royalty. Customization adds value to the event and the focus is on food, entertainment, decors to bring about a unique experience in a new location.

Some useful statistics
Reports reveal that intimate wedding celebrations with an average of 28 attendees spending time together for as long as a week to soak in the celebration. It is also studied that the wedding is planned over a span of 11.6 months to give an at-home experience to the invitees. The event is family-friendly in nature with children adding to the guest count. 88% of weddings add children to their invitee list. Some of the wedding trends include a rustic glam to create an earthly vibe, going local by sourcing food and flowers locally to showcase their eco-consciousness and integrating with technology by offering custom geofilters on Snapchat and opting for 3D printing.

Adventure destinations wedding venues

Wedding planners are keen to incorporate adventure destinations to give the couple and their family adrenaline filled entertainment. These include submarine weddings in Maldives, hot air balloon wedding in Shutterstock, glacier wedding in Iceland, underwater wedding in Bora Boora, camel wedding in Mongolia, vineyard weddings and more weird ideas you can never imagine are available with ultimate wedding planners.

Unique wedding venue have posed greater challenge for photographers. The couples are looking for authentic feel and more natural expression of their self in their wedding portraits. No more posing and saying cheese for the photographs. Shutterbugs are capturing special moments leaving the couple at ease by letting them be themselves. The unique destinations give the photographers an opportunity to capture the charm through their lens. The photographer explores the wedding reception and ceremony venues as they go on sightseeing and shortlist for some best spots for the celebration photos.A day after shoot is growing in popularity with the couple taking time off to create their wedding portfolio.

Hotels and resort destinations – Unique wedding venue ideas

The rise in destination weddings has given hotels and resorts to offer unique wedding packages. It helps to save money with a little negotiation. You can get discounted hotel rooms, airport pickups, complimentary meals and other hospitality services.They also conduct privately guided tours to entertain the couple and the guests as part of the casual celebration. Some of the fun entertainment includes local music, feasts, brunches and other activities unique to the place. The couples spend time together in the best location. It is more like a mini vacation with near and dear.

In Indian weddings the guest count can easily cross a 1000 mark and even if the list is shrunk it could easily be 300-400 and it would not be apt to call this an intimate wedding.

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