Planning the Perfect Wedding-Your Dream Come True

Your wedding is around the corner and you must be super excited. You have dreamt of this day for so long and it is finally here.So what can you do to make it extra special and unforgettable for all those attending?Take a look at some of the points you can improvise on to create magic on your Dream day with these wedding and event planning ideas..

Keep it Short and sweet

Keep your ceremony short and sweet.Do not go for formalities and customs which have no significance or meaning .Follow whatever makes you happy .Keep up your bubbly spirit and enjoy every moment of the wedding.Keeping it short will also make it interesting for your guests and they will enjoy the sweet ceremony instead of bearing the long procedures.

Personalize your program

Prepare lovely cute wedding program indicators which let the guests know what is going on and when the programs are bound to take place. These will help the guests to plan their day too. They can understand what they are looking forward to and can choose their priorities. It will also be a small reminder of your wedding day when they carry it back home!

The warm welcome basket

Prepare a loving welcome basket for all your guests. It can contain items like a few snacks, a list of nearby tourist spots, clinics or hospitals, coffee shops and restaurants .It can also have some chocolate or candy, a small return gift or anything you feel like giving them as a token of appreciation.

The reception committee

You cannot receive each and every guest personally as obviously you will be getting ready for the wedding. So how can you make your guests feel welcome and cared for? You can arrange a small reception committee made of your close friends and relatives, probably cousins who know the whole lot of guests. When your guests are travelling all the way to attend the wedding, it would mean so much to them to get a personal welcome and reception.

Hire vendors

You need to make sure your vendors are ready with all you need.

Keep a wedding planning check list with contact numbers of Photographers, videographers, musicians, Flower and decor, caterers and all the other people who are assisting you with the preparations.

If you are hiring a wedding event management company to take care of such details, it will be much easier for you. You can then just call up one person to know the status of the other preparations. Make sure they are all ready at least two days beforehand so that there are no last minute issues.

Well planned seating arrangement

Get to know your complete guest lists before the wedding day.You need to study the list and plan where to seat all of them. Take the help of elders of the family here. It would be awkward to seat two relatives who do not get along together . The elders of the family are likely to know what could be most convenient and what could cause discomfort to the guests. Make a special note of guests with small kids, elderly folks or those who have special needs. Each and every one needs to be taken in consideration while arranging the seats. You need people to be happy on your special day.

Comfy lounge area

Not everyone will be dancing to the music or walking around. Lots of the guests will want to rest their tired legs or simply sit and watch the others enjoying. They will be more at peace while sitting in a comfy lounge .So make sure you have necessary arrangements to provide a comfortable lounge area.

Phone charging points

Let’s face it. People cannot survive long without checking their phones. If you want your guests to be really comfortable, you need to make sure they have easy access to charging points so that they can keep their phones alive.

Wedding games

Bring out the child in you. Prepare games for all age groups. Let them have fun and enjoy your day as much as you are. Lots of interaction takes place between games and can also help family members get close to each other once again.

Food, food and lots more yummy food

Yummy Food is the key to the success of your wedding day as far as the guests are concerned. Take a bit of time to sit with your event planner and come up with a menu that is going to fascinate your guests. Tickle their taste buds and let them leave the place with satisfied tummies and happier faces.

So there you are! Make a note of all these points and work on them. Always remember that you cannot do it all on your own, Call upon your besties and cousins to help manage. What are friends and family for after all!

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