The Challenges Faced By Corporate Event Planners And How To Solve Them

Planning and executing a corporate event is a tough and stressful job and most corporate event management companies tend to agree. It is a job that requires considerable organizational skills and substantial attention to details. But it is not all gloom, it can be fun as well as rewarding when you manage to make the event a success.

There are many solutions to the challenges that corporate event management companies face that can make planning a lot less stressful. Listed below are some of the problems and solutions that can make the life of a planner that much more comfortable.

Corporate event planner overspends or has less money

Planning funds appropriately are one of the critical aspects most event planners fail to do. Most planners opt for spending as you go method and end up spending more than what they should. Sometimes they realize their mistake a little late and pay more than the actual allocation.

Solution: A budget should be framed which will assist you in deciding where and how to spend the money. Check the event supplies and then create a list of the needed supplies and the estimated cost. Discuss with your team the budget allocation and conclude.

Corporate event management companies have to select the right venue:

Perhaps the next most critical aspect of managing a corporate event after creating your budget is choosing the place. The proper site sets the theme for the event; you will then have to decide on various other details like the transport, food, activities, equipment, decor, etc. based on the location of the event.

Solution: Choose a venue based on the purpose of the event and also one that adds value suggests one of the leading corporate event planners in Chennai. Value is anything of need that will you will get in addition to the venue like the projectors, speakers, free wifi, parking space, etc. When can get hold of such a location with value adds you can significantly decrease your spending as well as planning time.

A corporate planner is always short of time:

Time is always going to be a significant constraint for an event planner. Things go wrong too, which all corporate event management companies plan for in their time allocation. The invites may have mistakes; the wrong tech may be sent, quotations may get delayed, etc. Any planner with experience will have to factor in these things.

Solution: There are a couple of ways to handle this, first is to plan and the next is to create and update the planning calendar. Planning backward starting from the event date will help you figure out the tasks and the time needed to accomplish them. Make sure to put in a healthy dose of buffer time to be on the safe side.

Planners miss out the little things:

These are tasks that come out at the last minute and these, when they come out, can be a showstopper. For example, not having the right equipment or not making the seat arrangements.

Solution: Form a team and assign a task to each of them so that they attend to all the little details and you can think of the big picture. Make sure to check the progress regularly so that you are not left in the lurch in the last few days of the event.

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