Tips for a perfect anniversary party

Marriage is a celestial union created in the heaven. But in the present era there is no “till death do we part” or unbounded love. So, when a marriage passes the acid test for ten years or more than that it calls for a celebration. First anniversary can be celebrated with a romantic dinner. But if a couple has reached a milestone in their marriage, it certainly merits a party bash.

Planning tips for an anniversary party:

An event planner can help in planning a perfect party for your loved ones. Event organizers in chennai take care of all the requirements for the party so that you can sit back and enjoy the special day. Here are a few steps for the planning an anniversary party:

Set a budget: Budget can be also termed as a plan to spend wisely. By creating a budget, you can keep the expense under control. Don’t forget to keep some money aside, you never know when an unexpected guest may turn up.

Guest list: Making a guest list is not an easy task especially if the couple is celebrating their Golden anniversary. Focus should be on the acquaintance and friends of the couple. It would be wonderful to invite a long- lost friend who would have played cupid to the couple.

Fix the date: Anniversary celebration usually takes place on the wedding date. But it may be inconvenient for some guest to turn up on workdays. Fix a weekend date, so that you can expect all the guest to come on time.

Venue: If the couple wants an informal party, they can arrange them ztheir homes or backyard garden. But if it’s a formal one they may have to rent large spaces like ballroom, banquet-hall, restaurant or some outdoor places. The best option is to handover your party planning to an Event organizer and sit back and relax.

Invitation: Invitation should be sent in advance so that there will be no last minute confusion. Online invitations are the trend now as it is Eco-friendly and personalized. You can add RSVP Tracking to check your guest’s response.


Menu: The food should match with the theme and the budget. Try to include some dishes with diet instructions like gluten -free and vegan. Hire a good caterer so that the taste of your food will be the talk of the town.

Decoration and Entertainment: It should follow the theme and the taste of the couple. There are various ideas for decorations such as photos of the couple in the backdrop, hanging party lanterns and floral arrangements.

Photographer: Last but the most needed is the photographer or the videographer to capture all the special moments of the couple. A slide show of the couple’s life can be shown. A hash tag can be provided and the guest can post on the social media. Let the couple be the star on the social platform.

Concluding tip:

The main idea of arranging an anniversary party is to bring smiles to the couple who are celebrating their milestone. All the planning from the budget to the photographer should be taken with their happiness in mind. To lift all the pressure from your shoulder it is best to hand all your planning and execution to an event organizer.

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