What is the objective of hiring a wedding photographer on your big day?

The question sounds silly right? Everyone would say “Of course to capture the best moments of the entire event”, though it is correct to an extent, the art of wedding photography has immensely changed or probably improvised to great extent in the last decade or so.

We being in the Wedding Planning services, when we ask our clients if they have finalized on the wedding photography, the answers we received made us write this article to give you a fair idea as to how to choose the right team of wedding photographers for your wedding event.
Most say that they have finalized on someone who has been referred to them by one of their friend or family member.

  • Some take the help of local business directories to catch hold of a team to do the task.
  • Some go to the studios such as Kodak, Konica and outsource the job to them.
  • Some take our help too, or any other wedding planner for that matter.

But what is surprising is that whichever source they find their photographer, the only 2 question most of the client asks is “How much do you charge & what all services it includes?”

Is wedding photography services is this simple that it can be defined and finalized in these 2 simple question & answer conversation?

In today’s world when most high end hand phones can give you high resolution images, and many owning DSLR cameras for the craze of taking pictures, a professional wedding photographer should stand out to produce those precious unique moments of your entire event which should translate as memories for the rest of your lives to look beyond and cherish. A successful wedding photographer is the one who could make you smile, cry, laugh out loud or just get lost in those sweet memories whenever you see your wedding photographs time in and again.

Understand the different styles of Wedding Photography

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is the style in which most of the photographs are taken in a still manner covering the wedding couple, their family members and the guests attending the wedding and thoroughly capturing the entire rituals & customs involved in a wedding ceremony. In this style the photographer acts like a director kind, suggesting the wedding couples and the guests into formations and pose for photographs. Though this is considered as old fashioned style of lining up the guests in stage with the couple to take pictures, this is still the most preferred style in any wedding, and at the same time could be quite tiresome and monotonous for the couple as they would be posing for long hours with just different sets of guest… Only a good seasoned photographer would be able to take the pictures quickly without wasting much time and could also make you feel at ease & comfortable while posing.

Reportage Wedding Photography (Wedding Photojournalism or Candid)

In this style photographs are taken mostly from the sidelines or backgrounds capturing natural moments of guests without asking them to stand/sit and pose for the shoot. This has become a very popular wedding photography style nowadays as capturing those unique significant moments of energy and emotions of people in the wedding being captured gives you lot of memories to rejoice throughout your life which otherwise would have been missed. This style tells you the story of the wedding event as it happens and the best part is that you don’t even realize that you are being photographed. In this style you are completely relying on the photographer’s interpretation of your wedding event and hence you need to be sure that he is highly skilled and experienced in this style to capture those moments of emotions which will disappear in a jiffy. A word of caution is that it shouldn’t end up where the photographer takes thousands of pictures during the event with the hope that he will get few hundred good shots.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary Wedding Photography is the newest style to enter the wedding photography services. This style is majorly influenced by fashion & lifestyle photography and reflects the creative personality of the photographer. You can call this as a trendier version of traditional photography style with lot of creative and artistic inputs in ways of taking the pictures. It’s a modern and super fun way to photograph a wedding event giving you classy and stylish images.

Discuss with your partner to choose which kind of photography suits your personality and your wedding style

A wedding conducted in a typical wedding hall or a church will have a lot of traditional flavor to it following all the rituals & customs religiously, wherein a beach wedding could be very casual and more fun oriented with lot of pre planned activities. Based on your personality and your wedding kind, you and your partner together can choose which style to adapt and at what proposition.

Most photographers nowadays offer a wedding package with a blend of all styles put together. Once you and your partner decide which style of wedding photographs you desire, have a look at the shortlisted photographer’s past works, by scrutinizing their photo galleries you can find out which style of photography they are more inclined towards. Post examining their work you can choose which photographer suits your requirement.

Communicate with your photographer

It is very important for the photographer to know the kind of photographs you expect out of him on your wedding day. Discuss with him about yours and your partner’s personality and how much comfortable you both are in front of the camera. This would help him preplan his lighting position, shot angles and overall execution. Give a brief of the entire event flow to the photographer and create a checklist of must have snaps; this might take some dedicated time of yours, but will surely pay off when you see the album of all the photos you wanted.

Wedding Photography Package & Costing

There is no such thing as standard package for wedding photography services. It is completely based on your photography requirements and the photographers experience and skill set. Understand that photography is an art and more the skilled the photographer is higher the fees he is going to demand for. It is his creative & technical skill which is going to document and define the memories of your big day. You should also note that wedding photography services does not end just with your event getting over; a lot of time is being spent on post processing the images and designing your wedding album.

Check with your wedding planner as to what they think is the right budget for the wedding photography requirement of yours and they would be able to help you with the right budget and if required they will put you on to the right people too.

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