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January 17, 2019January 17, 2019

Marriage Planners Must Know This About Wedding Mandaps!

The Mandap Plays An Important Role in Hindu Wedding Services The Mandap or the Manavarai is the mainstay of Hindu weddings. It is where most of the wedding action takes place anyway. Anyone who has been to a Hindu Wedding will be familiar with the decorative wedding canopy supported by four posts, adorned with flowers...

December 18, 2018December 18, 2018

How To Choose Your Wedding Venue? Tips From An Event Planner!

Still Looking For Your Wedding Venue? Here is Some Expert Advice From One of The Best Event Management Companies in Chennai! Is this your wedding checklist? Found the man of your dreams? Check. Fixed the wedding date? Check. Found the perfect venue? Er… No! Breaking your head over finding that perfect place for your perfect...

August 17, 2018October 15, 2018

How To Light Up Your Wedding Venue

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects that need to be looked at when planning a wedding. But most of the times it is not given its due importance due to lack of budget. Wedding planning services understand the need for great lighting to ensure the venue looks spectacular. The tables, centrepieces, dance floor...