Scrumptious Wedding Catering Services in Chennai

Kiyoh’s catering services offers a smorgasbord of delicious fare at a very fair price. For the most special day of your life, food can create an even more festive atmosphere. At Kiyoh we handle every aspect of catering to keep you focused on just enjoying your wedding. With an experience of years in catering services in Chennai, we make the D-Day a seamless celebration for you. From selecting the right menu to bar and liquor decisions to even choosing the linen that matches your dream colours, our catering coordinates will help you all the way.

From picking the right cocktails that set the mood to the right selection of snacks and finger foods that your guests enjoy, at Kiyoh we make everything possible when it comes to catering.

Every Price Possible Marriage Catering Services in Chennai

At Kiyoh we offer menu suggestions that span across a broad range of prices to cater to every client possible. For those who have a set menu in mind, we are happy to recreate your vision. For those who are still unsure about the perfect menu for a marriage or any other wedding ever, we have a list of suggested menus you can pick from. One of the top marriage catering services in Chennai, we built bespoke and customised menus. These can be created to either suit a budget or the palate preferences.

At Kiyoh we believe in transparency. Therefore, our wedding catering menus and prices include all costs from tableware to the line, food, delivery, and equipment. There are no hidden costs to hinder your special day.

Call us today to gift your guests a luscious delight!

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