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Guest Management Services

Engagingly Pleasant Experience

The Sanskrit term, “Atithi Devo Bhava” translated as “The guest is equivalent to God” goes to prove the importance to guests in the Indian sub continent. At weddings, hospitality plays a vital role. The couple’s family are so engrossed in the wedding arrangements that they almost forget to look after the welfare of the guests. Now you can heave a sigh of relief, as Kiyoh takes care of your guests to make them feel comfortable and important. With us, you can be rest assured that your guests will warmly remember your hospitality for long.

Guest Management System

Keeps Track Of The Guests

The management of guests starts with preparation of the guest list. Since a wedding is sacrosanct, all relatives and friends are invited to bless the newly wed. Close relatives and friends arrive a day before the wedding, and it is the responsibility of the host to provide comfortable accommodation and transportation. Sometimes you may be lost in the wedding arrangements that you may be at wit’s end. Do not worry; we can take care of all the arrangements to ensure they are safe and comfortable during their stay. We make use of guest management system to ensure nothing is left out. With us, guests feel at home as their needs are completely taken care.

Some of our guest management services include,

  • Hotel booking
  • Arranging snacks, beverages, and meals
  • Placement of wedding collaterals
  • Transportation from airport/railway station/bus stand to hotel
  • Guest arrival and departure management
  • Welcoming the guests
  • Hospitality desk arrangement

We walk with you throughout your wedding arrangement ensuring the guests are given top priority and made to feel extra special.