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Honeymoon Trip Planner Services With A Twist

It’s no more fun in being your travel agent. It is time you end servicing your honeymoon plans and leave it to the experts. Kiyoh is experienced in sending our clients to luxury honeymoon destinations with a goal to exceed the expectations. We have the experience of planning hundreds of packages exclusively for the newly married couple and have earned the reputation of choosing the best romantic travel plans exclusively for you.

Call us to source the best destination for a romantic getaway with your better half.


Unforgettable Honeymoon Organiser for Lasting Memories

Kiyoh, the best planner for honeymoon destinations in the world is no computer programme that offers honeymoon packages for your price bracket. We are an experience to be relished. Starting from analysing honeymoon goals, choosing the best honeymoon destinations in the world based on your preference, giving you the best price bracket, organizing your travel plan and ensuring your comfort in the top destinations; we take care of all the aspects without giving room for complaint or disappointment.

With us, couples enjoy diverse guidance as we go a step beyond typical travel planners. We help realise your dreams and precede your preferences by selecting from amazing honeymoon destinations and best honeymoon resorts with care.

Relax as we chalk out the honeymoon destinations for you. Our agents are experienced in honeymoon specials and have a lot of stories to tell you. Go ahead and listen to the first-hand experience of our agents before you make a choice. We caution you on the pitfalls and ensure you have a happy ending to your honeymoon as you carry rich memories back home to be cherished for life. Relish our exotic honeymoon packages. We also have sourced precious hideaways if you are only looking for some private time, islands to give you an unforgettable experience.