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Personal Grooming Services in Chennai

Your Best Friend, Philosopher And Guide Is Here

The wedding day is one day when both bride and the groom have to look their very best. Of course, the preparations for the day start much in advance. Other than the guest entertainment and other nit bits involved, the attire and personal grooming of the bride and groom are two aspects that should be looked into very-very carefully so that the couple stands out from the rest of the crowd.

The Art Of Looking Beautiful in Chennai

Personal Grooming is not a one-day affair; it starts months in advance. The bride goes through the entire rigmarole of body scrubbing, massages, therapies and treatments so that her skin glows, and she looks absolutely radiant on the day. Off late, more and more emphasis is now being laid on the Personal Grooming of grooms as well. Other than the unique treatments and therapies that the groom should undertake for his skin and hair, there are few pointers that he should remember as the wedding day inches by.

There are grooming specialists that help bride and groom put their best foot forward. Kiyoh in Chennai is one of them. Kiyoh, Chennai is your wedding planner and best guide and friend for all travails related to the wedding. We not only make all the arrangements for the wedding like transportation, guest entertainment, catering, and decor but also help you with your grooming. We tell you all about the way you should dress and carry yourself on your wedding day and every other aspect that you should be concerned about, to look your very best.