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Best Wedding Photography And Videography Packages In Chennai

People say weddings are just one day. We dare to differ. A wedding ceremony might complete in a day but the memories that are created last for more than a lifetime. The best way to keep a record or a memoir of one of the most important days of an individual’s life is to capture the moments through photos and videos.

Professional Photographers and Videographers in Chennai

We cater to all sizes of wedding parties from the small intimate event that requires just one photographer to a huge big fat Indian Wedding that requires a complete team. We offer a varied type of photography to suit your taste and preferences.


Traditional portrait photography for those who want a more formal memoir of their wedding day or any other event like a first birthday shoot.


Candid photography for those who look for more fun memories and want an off-beat wedding album.

It is not just a video that we create of marriage, reception or 50th anniversary. We create stories for each event by using a mix of recordings and still photos. We make fashion comprehensive and detailed tale that tells the real-life story in reel-life for generations of family to enjoy.

We specialise in wedding packages in Chennai that include both video and photos. We can even customise our generic packages to include or remove any style that you wish. We guarantee you loving memories from your wedding that will bring back the feeling of love and joy as new.

Visit us or drop us a mail with the basic details of your wedding or event for a photography quotation.