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Planning a wedding is an elaborate process and does not end with exquisite dresses, decorations and good dining, there is more to it. Professionals handling event management in Chennai do not just take up a consultative role but also assist in all aspects of wedding preparation to make it a grand success. Wedding planners can turn out to be lifesavers in all aspects when it comes to planning for the big day. Wedding planning needs multitasking and best left to professionals. Wedding planners are a big relief for people who are just too busy to run errands.

Services offered by Event Organisers for Weddings
Since wedding planners have immense knowledge and experience with regard to arranging a wedding, they can tap the potential to the fullest, giving you best value for money. Some of the services offered are:

      • They decide on the theme for the wedding and procure items to meet the designated theme
      • They have good taste of style and recommend the right style and feel
      • They source vendors
      • They review the contractors before shortlisting them
      • They make all the arrangements for the wedding within the timeline
      • They coordinate arrival and dispatch of supplies in the venues
      • They update the couple on the current trends
      • They take responsibility to return all rental items
      • They make all the final payments

    The success of a wedding lies in choosing the right destination as it is going to be a huge affair. In India, the traditional wedding lasts for three to five days and this varies from state to state. The wedding organizer understands the pulse of the bride and the groom and organizes the venue to suit their style, taste and budget. It is important to organize the rituals with care without hurting the sentiments of the hosts.

    One of the biggest challenges confronted by the wedding planner is arranging the best food for the guests at the wedding. In most Indian weddings the diet is strictly vegetarian. Though, the preference of the host is taken to provide the catering services. It can either be a buffet or a la carte or both depending on the specifications provided by the host. Food and beverage tasting session is crucial to select the menu for your wedding. Planners are well aware of the tastebuds of the guests and select items with care.

    Decorating with the best of decors can bring life to the venue. Wedding stage or mandap decoration is an integral part of Indian weddings. Doorway decorations, dining hall decors, lighting, flower arrangement and more are handled by wedding planners taking out the stress from you. The key is to make the venue lively, attractive and cordial for the guests.

    Honeymoon venue
    The journey of wedding planners do not stop once the wedding is over, but go further into post wedding arrangements like offering suggestions for honeymoon venue and preparing the itinerary including organizing tickets, hotel accommodation, transportation, site seeing, food among others that help the married couple to relax after a stressful wedding.

    Role of wedding planner
    Wedding planners in Chennai are growing by the day with more and more couples entrusting the responsibility of organizing their wedding to event planners. Traditionally the burden was borne by family and friends. With the rise of nuclear family, the close knit community pattern started to lean out leaving the couple with very few hands to organize their wedding. Moreover, with couples living miles away in a foreign land only to meet on their wedding day, they find it difficult to organize a mega event like a wedding without professional help. A wedding planner takes care of coordinating different events, saving on the stress, money and time for the couple and their families.

    Some of the roles a wedding planner adopts include:

  • Money manager
  • Facilitator
  • Organizer
  • Mediator
  • Artist
  • Decorator
  • Economic advisor
  • Travel manager

The planner turns into a director to give life to your fairytale wedding dream. They handle props, casting and settings. They offer biggest support to the couple both physically, emotionally and mentally. At every stage, they protect the interest of their clients to ensure the wedding progresses smoothly and lively.

Do we need a wedding planner?
Couples are at cross roads when it comes to deciding on whether the service of a wedding planner is needed or not. Having a professional by your side to organize your wedding is truly a great idea. But does the couple have the financial stability to afford a service and whether it a luxury are two questions that need to be answered before taking a decision. The assistance of wedding planner can be sought if you do not have any spare time, if wedding is in a different town, budget is not a constraint and you are having overwhelming expectations. Wedding planner add value to your wedding by delivering excellence in all aspects without compromising on quality and time.