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Wedding planners come in different sizes; month coordinator, partial wedding planner and full service wedding planner. Each has their role to play. For couples who are preoccupied with their work schedule, working out of another town or living with senior parents, they find it impossible to handcraft a wedding. They find comprehensive wedding planners a boon. These professional wedding event management companies in Chennai work on the wedding settings and meet strict deadlines giving you ample choice well within your budget limits. The service provider can do all the legwork to get your wedding on the stage.

Services offered by a comprehensive wedding planner

  • Venues are recommended based on your budget and specifications
  • Meetings are arranged with vendors and contracts signed on your behalf
  • Site visits are organized to decide on the workflow
  • Wedding planners will be at your disposal and there are no upper limits on the communication with them
  • Wedding etiquettes are strictly adhered
  • Negotiations and reviews with the vendors are conducted by the planner on your advice
  • Providing a spread of menu and arranging for tasting session
  • Arranging a sample table
  • Conceptualizing decors and coordinating the design
  • Acting as a liaison between the vendors and the clients
  • Taking care of logistic details
  • Fulfilling the task within the timeline set for the celebration
  • Provide complete guidance on all the wedding arrangements like printing invitations, booking of venue, catering services, music, decoration, guest welfare and more
  • Preparing post for social media sites
  • Finalizing on the guest list and seating arrangements
  • Blocking hotels for the long distance guests
  • Arranging transportation from the venue to the hotel and vice-versa
  • Rehearse dining arrangements

Planning tools used by wedding planners
The event planners in Chennai use planning tools to make sure they save the dates and book the vendors. The tools used include planning workbook, vendor payment sheet, budget spreadsheet, diagrammatic representation of seating arrangements, venue map and inventory list.

Event design list
The wedding planner takes care of design consultation, lighting consultation, floral arrangements, cake design, specialty decors, Pinterest Board, table scapes and mood boards.

Role of Wedding planner on the wedding day
When the big day arrives after intense planning for months together, the wedding planner has a major role to play. It is on this day all their efforts come to life. Details like guests, vendors and itinerary has to be organized to utmost precision. The wedding planner takes away all the stress to make this day enjoyable and memorable for the couple, their families and friends.

The wedding day planning involves bringing all the vendors to the spot on time, coordinate their activities and making the payments at the end of the event. Also ensuring the guests are guided to the right location. Every minor issue has to be taken care of to keep the guests comfortable and safe.

A full service wedding planner focuses on the events outside the wedding sphere particularly when the couple wants help in executing the wedding from start to finish. A full service wedding walks you through every step of wedding preparations. The service is hired after the engagement and keeps functioning till the wedding is over and sometimes even after. The wedding planner is a key player for the smooth execution of the event. The wedding planning pulls every trick of their sleeves to ensure the expectations of the couple are met and fulfilled without any compromise. A partial planners comes on board only when the wedding is closer to coordinate the arrangements.

A full service wedding planner is available to work with you from start to finish. Tell them your budget and they will bring suitable vendors to the table. The commitment is bigger and hence the price is higher. But definitely it will be worth the investment. The couple has to be aware of what a full service wedding planning means and how they can transform their wedding into a fairytale affair. It is upto the couple to make a choice depending on their potential, time and budget.

Some service providers charge a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the production and yet others charge on hourly basis. If you are on tight schedule, rely on full service wedding planners and make sure you talk to them about the pricing beforehand. Make sure there are no hidden clauses in the contract. Clarify before signing on the dotted lines.

The wedding planner has to educate their clients on their services in detail. They should be transparent on what they are capable of and what not. They should ensure there is no misinformation.

For those who are not good with budgeting or do not have the time or network, it is best to rely on full service wedding planners.