Tips From The Best Chennai Wedding Planners To Plan The Wedding Of The Century

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Finally took the big decision to get married to the love of your life? Now, the next step is planning your fairy-tale wedding. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the huge task ahead of you, worry not. Here are a few ideas to help you kickstart your wedding planning with a loud bang:

wedding stage decorated by kiyoh event organiserGet Your Priorities In Line

A wedding is made up of a few elements that are deemed to be critical for it to be memorable. If you want a quiet, intimate wedding with a few friends and family, you can choose the remaining accordingly. Experts recommend narrowing down the dates you plan to get married. After the date has been decided, you can work backwards and plan the remaining details accordingly. This helps you get on a schedule and ensure that everything is covered before the D-day.

Prepare Your Guest List

This is a daunting process if you are planning on having a large wedding. You can divide your guests into three groups consisting of must invites, maybe, and definitely nots. This helps you build the guest list faster and ensure that you do not forget to invite anyone either. After the number of guests has been decided, you can go ahead and have discussions with caterers and request a quotation from them for the menu you select. Finalising the guest list also helps you to send out your invitations in time.

Choosing the Right venue

Once the number of guests have been decided, and you have the date of the wedding all planned out, it’s time to book a venue. The venue needs to be chosen keeping in mind the theme you have chosen for the wedding. If you are planning on having an outdoors wedding, you might need to keep an eye on the weather to ensure here will clear skies on D-day. According to the budget wedding organizers, the number of guests to be invited can help you decide whether you need a small, medium or large venue.  Since the venue sets the tone for the entire wedding, make sure that you land on the right choice.

wedding hall & entrance decorated by Kiyoh wedding plannerPurchase Wedding Insurance

This is often a forgotten step by most bride and grooms. However, it can help save your money in case the wedding gets cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances. But keep in mind that insurance companies do not entertain claims where the bride or groom cancels the wedding on their own accord.

Recruit Help

Organising a wedding on your own can be a horrendous affair. Tag in your best friend or favourite family member to help you make decisions and take care of a few of the details. You will find this actually helps reduce the tremendous pressure you are under to execute a perfect wedding.

Choose Your Wedding Outfit

All eyes will be on you on the day of your wedding, make sure you look ethereal in a gorgeous wedding outfit. It’s best to get it done as soon as you have the wedding theme worked out. According to event planners in Chennai some couples like to go for coordinated outfits, so don’t forget to check in with your chosen one before making the final purchase.