Deciding on Wedding Style That Makes It A Personal Wedding Day

A wedding style can be defined as the look and feel of a wedding. It can be modern, elegant, rustic, vintage, traditional, etc. The best wedding planner believes that choosing a wedding style is necessary as part of your wedding prep as it can help you in defining the various other elements of your marriage like the decor, venue, reception type and so on. It also enables you to communicate the vision you and your partner have for the wedding. Thus, the first thing to decide after marriage engagement with your beloved is your wedding style.

What is a theme in a wedding event planning

A theme is defined as the choice of style that you use for all your wedding elements including the wedding invitations to the settings of the reception table. Even a particular color for the wedding day can become a theme. When you choose a theme for your big day, it gives a unified look as you will add all the elements around that theme opines expert wedding planners in Chennai. But if not applied correctly it can go overboard, and you may not have any personal touch involved in the overall picture.

What is a concept in wedding event planning

A concept in general means an idea and the same goes for a wedding too. It is an inspiration that comes when you consider the important things that you want to be conveyed on your wedding day. The emotions you want to share with your guests and how you want them to feel about it. An idea that comes when you consider all these things will then decide how the D-Day will look like including the decor and the other details. It will end up as the day that will express your feelings and your personality that will give a meaning to all the other wedding elements.

Go for personal style in wedding event planning

The wedding is all about you and your partner, and having your style will help in indicating it. Wedding planning services help the couple who think they have no idea how to come up with a style that reflects both personalities. But with a little prodding, you will find many similarities like for example love for the same sport, music, etc. All of this can lead to a design that is personalized having a concept and theme in place. You and your partner should think of all the wedding elements like what you want to wear, music, decIoration, etc.

Building a personal wedding concept:

A leading wedding event management in Chennai provides tips on how to make an own wedding concept.

  • Your style should be your wedding style, define who and what you are and incorporate it in your wedding.
  • Think of all the special moments and memories that you both share and that will become your story.
  • Instead of thinking about how your wedding should look, think of what emotions you want to evoke.

The wedding design should be focused on making it feel personal instead of being overly theme based. Each wedding is unique, and though you can categorize it into various styles, the best wedding style would be your style.

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