Using Balloons As Stylish Decor For Birthday Parties

Birthdays come just once a year, thereby making it one of the most awaited events of the year!
While planning a birthday party, the decorations that have to be put up, is the first thought that pops into one’s mind. It is one of the crucial factors that can create the fun atmosphere that is needed, transforming even the dullest party, into a cool and hip one.
With the same old ideas being repeated unto death, finding and coming up with unique, distinctive decorations plans has become a must. Today, let’s talk about using the ever-loved and ever-enjoyable balloons to beautify your party. Be it for birthday parties or for wedding anniversary celebrations, etc. the balloon decoration has universal charm and appeal.

So, without further ado here are some new ideas for balloon decorations:

Generally, two different coloured balloons are used to decorate like pink and white or red and golden. Take a step away from the common and use an entire rainbow. Pick a three-toned colour scheme instead of the usual two. For a really outstanding and modern decor you can also go for the ombre effect that shades from one colour tone to another.
Helium filled balloons that float around have been used as ornaments for ages. You can mix the decor up by hanging photos from the base of the balloons while they fill the entire ceiling. To make the party a bit more hip and cool, you can attach dares to the ribbons of the balloons and make the guests do them.
Picking two different themes and using them together is one of the classy ways to come up with a new decor idea. So use the helium balloons floating from the ceiling and take the ombre effect theme and put them together. What you get is one of the trendiest styles for a 1-year old’s birthday party decorations.
Because balloons now have started coming in different shapes and sizes, you can use them to write a complete word as part of your decoration like using them to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY with alphabet-shaped balloons. You can also use different shaped balloons to imitate the bubbles of champagne or the shape and shades of a fire.
Planning a kids party in the summer? Or maybe a bachelorette? Want a fun decor? Think a water slide made of balloons! You can have a fun game with the water balloons!
Think shapes! Use same coloured or different coloured balloons to form different shapes like a welcoming arc or pillars of twisted balloons. This idea becomes one of the party necessities, especially while decorating a vast open space.
Giving party favours at the end of any celebration has become a trend. You can use balloons to add a touch of new to the same old packaging of party favours.
Add things and materials to the balloons. For example, you can attach a paper cone or an actual ice cream cone at the base of the balloon. Add small LED lights to make them into lamp-like decorations. Put in confetti in the balloon before you blow them to add a hint of sparkle to the decoration.

With these tips, the birthday party you throw will definitely be a success, an event that will be remembered till the same time next year!

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