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The user is bound legally by the terms and conditions. Please read the terms carefully before proceeding with our website. Any access to the website using the hyperlink is also equivalent to acceptance of the terms and conditions. Using the website, you are in agreement to exchange information and documents electronically between you and the company. The electronic agreement is equivalent to the written paper agreement.


All information, content, database, reports, interfaces, graphics, files, trade names, software, company names, trademarks and web pages contained within the website, including the content presentation is the property of Kiyoh or its licensors.

The company offers the permission for reading and download the content as part of the non-transferable and non-exclusive license.

The user will not distribute the content without the permission of Kiyoh. Redistribution and reproduction for commercial purposes, satellite system or cable network, is restricted. The user shall not allow anything capable of infringing or prejudice the proprietary right of Kiyoh or its licensors. The user shall not allow the third party to access the content.


Kiyoh does not offer any guarantee for the personal information and transaction to be maintained confidentially. The company holds no liability, and the user is at their own risk. Tracking pixels are being used to track the Ads, and we do not monetize the Ads.