How To Choose Your Wedding Venue? Tips From An Event Planner!

Still Looking For Your Wedding Venue? Here is Some Expert Advice From One of The Best Event Management Companies in Chennai!

Is this your wedding checklist? Found the man of your dreams? Check. Fixed the wedding date? Check. Found the perfect venue? Er… No!

Breaking your head over finding that perfect place for your perfect wedding to a perfect man? Fear Not! Help is at hand. Here are eight excellent tips from a professional event organiser in Chennai to help you find your dream venue.

Eight Step Program to Find the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams – From Leading Event Planners in Chennai

Fix the Budget

Yes, yes. A tedious step to start with but a very effective one in narrowing down the range of wedding venues for you to choose from. Make sure you factor in the cost of flowers, decoration and other venue-related items into this budget!

Finalize Guest List

This is a required step before you start visiting potential venues for your wedding. It will give you a fair idea about the size of the venue you need to go for. Again, this helps in making your choice a lot easier!

Inside Outside

Decide if you want to go for a traditional indoor wedding or brave the elements with an outdoor wedding. If this is finalized, your venue search becomes a lot quicker.

Google Your Way To The Perfect Venue

Do an internet search to find out all the venues in the area you are looking for. Just add on keywords like “wedding” and “marriage”, and you could stumble upon amazing venues that you never knew existed.

Lurk Around On Social Media

Do not feel shy about cyberstalking for photos from other weddings that have happened in venues you are interested in. This will give a fair idea if you can host the wedding of your imagination at the venue

Event Planners Can Help With Your Search For A Wedding Venue!

Talk to Vendors and Planners!

Local wedding vendors or planners are very likely to have firsthand knowledge of venues since they may have rendered their services in those places. It will give you some inside information on any potential problems or issues at the venue as well.

Do Your Homework

Before you even set your foot out the door on wedding venue visits, create a checklist with all the elements and features you are looking for at your ideal venue. Visit only those that meet all your must-have criteria on your list. This saves a lot of time and effort and not to mention the mental fatigue that makes all the venues start seeming similar!

Other Miscellany

Research on other amenities you are looking for in a wedding venue. Parking, accommodation may be deal-breakers for you. Check if they are okay with you bringing in other vendors to service your wedding.

These eight steps would quickly lead you to just the wedding venue you have been looking for all over the city!

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